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What is GFRC Concrete
Forget everything that you know about regular concrete countertops.  We are now dealing with a new solid surface medium. GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) is a technologically advanced concrete material that has brought concrete into the 21st century. Our industry leading manufacturer GFRC mix was scientifically engineered to make it stronger and lighter than any concrete material available in the market. Do not risk using “in-house” concoctions that are unproven and cannot be certified. We can provide you with detailed MSDS certifications for all of our products which meet and exceed the strictest industry standards. Buy with confidence, knowing that you are using the best concrete material in the world!

How Strong is GFRC Concrete?

Our GRFC Concrete is incredibly strong, it has a compressive strength of 10,567 PSI and a flexural strength of 1464 PSI! Interwoven glass fibers ensure that the finished pieces have zero weak spots, eliminating fault lines which are often inherent in natural stone products. This means that finished pieces are self-supported and will not develop major cracks or break.

Is Concrete Heavy?

The advent of GFRC has also solved the extreme weight issues that have historicallyn plagued the concrete countertop industry. The superior strength that glass fibers and additives provide mean that we can cast slabs at half the weight of regular concrete and eliminate the need for heavy metal reinforcements. Cabinets or flooring require no special reinforcement. Nucrete’s finished pieces, generally weigh-in lighter than granite pieces of the same size.

Does Concrete Stain Easily?

Finally, a concrete countertop that can equally perform or outperform other solid surface materials like granite and quartz. Traditionally concrete countertops were very susceptible to staining, requiring delicate care, and frequent wax applications. No longer! Technological advances have created new sealers that provide a previously unachievable level of stain and scratch resistance. Our certified food-grade sealers are the strongest and most advanced on the market. Want to see for yourself? Visit us and we can perform our signature “red wine demonstration” on one of our showroom countertops

Care and Maintenance

Although extremely durable, our GRFC surfaces are not indestructible and should be treated with the same care as you would any luxury solid surface material, be it granite, quartz or otherwise. Our sealers are very heat resistant (300F⁰), but we still encourage the use of a heat mat and cutting board. Clean your concrete countertops with soap and warm water or a mild cleaning solution, using a sponge or soft cloth. In general, we recommend that you treat you concrete surface as you would a granite surface, and you can expect a lifetime of excellent use!

Will there be a Mess?

Absolutely not. All of our pieces are pre-cast and finished in our shop, arriving at your project ready for installation!