Food Safe Concrete Countertop Casting Sealer

SureCrete’s XS-327 is a specially formulated hybrid water based polyurethane concrete countertop food safe coating. XS-327 is matte finish, low VOC (25 g/l), and delivers commercial grade abrasion resistance for concrete and cementitious surfaces. This counter top sealer is a two component concrete sealer, 64% solids by weight, and may be reduced with water. Although specifically designed for PreCast Concrete pieces, XS-327 can be used anywhere that requires high performance durability against: scratching, abrasion, chemical and household staining, UV damage, and damage from heat up to (to 300°F). XS-327 surpasses the performance of most solvent systems, while providing the safety of a non-flammable, low VOC water based concrete sealer. XS-327 meets the most stringent of VOC regulations at just 25 g/L. XS-327 becomes food safe upon curing.

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General Details
  • Finally, a food-grade, scientifically formulated concrete countertop sealer that provides the performance you have become accustomed to with granite and quartz surfaces
  • Strongest stain and scratch resistance sealer on the market!
  • Easily withstands coffee and wine stains
  • No special maintenance or care required, no need to ever wax
  • Low VOC water-based formulation does not emit strong-smelling chemical odors
  • Available in Matte or Gloss finishes
  • Call today to pick-up or mail order the finest concrete countertop sealer ever created
Manufactures Data


Coverage Approximately 100 square foot per 40 oz catalyzed product
VOC Rating 25 g/L (before dilution)
Solids Content 64% (before dilution)
Shelf Life 1 year in original unopened container
Mixing Ratio 3 parts A to 2 parts B
Pot Life 30 minutes
Ready for re-coat dry to the touch
Re-coat “window” after 12 hours, sanding is required
Light Duty Use 24 hours
Cement Counter Top SealerFood Safe / Cured 7 days

SureCrete XS-327 Video

How to Apply XS-327 Concrete Countertop Sealer – Food Safe and UV Stable Scratch Resistant