Thin Concrete Overlay – Micro Topping Bag Mix

SureCrete’s TruTop Micro Topping is an extremely versatile and durable cementitious topping for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Micro-Topping is designed for horizontal surfaces but may be used on vertical surfaces to create a faux Venetian plaster look. An application is accomplished usually with a hand trowel or stand-up “Magic Trowel”. Micro-Topping creates the supremely smooth, tight-trowel finish.

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General Details
  • Technologically advanced cement coating designed to be applied to any concrete surface
  • Beautify or restore any exterior or interior concrete floor or patio
  • Compressive strength of 4300psi
  • Easy trowelled application to a smooth, or stone-like texture as desired
  • Environmentally friendly, low-emission rating
  • Available in all our standard 25 colours (check on colour chart)
Manufactures Data


Coverage Approx 200-300 square foot (Varies based on substrate and application)
VOC Rating 0 g/L
Shelf Life 1 year in original unopened container
Mixing Ratio 5-6 quarts water per 40 lb bag
Base Color White or Gray
Density 126.1 lbs/cubic foot
Compressive Strength ASTM C-109: 4,278 PSI @ 28 days
Flexural Strength ASTM C-348: 995 PSI @ 28 days
Tensile Strength ASTM C-190: 440 PSI @ 28 days
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D-4060: 28
days %loss – 500 cycles – less than 0.50%
Mosaic Shear ANSI A 118.4: 280 PSI @ 28 days

SureCrete TruTop™ Videos

How to Apply Micro Topping Thin Concrete Overlay Mix