Toronto Concrete Countertop and Flooring Products

Concrete Countertop Products8

Finally, the GTA has a source for the most advanced concrete countertop materials available in the market. TCP is the exclusive supplier of Surecrete’s Xtreme Series GFRC countertop bag mixes. The Xtreme series products are not only the strongest and best-looking surfaces, they are also the easiest to use. The Xtreme Series proprietary blend of glass fibers and cutting-edge additives, allowing you to cast pieces that are lighter and stronger than ever before. 6-hour de-mold time at .75 inches! Whether you are a contractor with multiple projects or a DIY homeowner, TCP can supply you with all the materials and knowledge to help you build the coolest countertops around!

Concrete Stains and Colors2

Colouring and staining concrete is an excellent way to transform any drab concrete surface. Our concrete stains and integral colours have been used by leading designers and professionals for years. Designed for both interior and exterior surfaces, our colouring pigments and stains can easily be blended and mixed into shades to complement the design of any floor, patio, garage, pool deck or countertop. They can also be sprayed, stenciled, mopped or sponged into any pattern desired. Call us today and transform your concrete into a stunning work of art!

Concrete Sealers and Coatings4

Left untreated, concrete is porous and very susceptible to the elements. Many beautiful concrete surfaces have been ruined due to cracking and unsightly staining simply because they were not properly sealed. Protect your investment! Our state of the art industry leading sealers are the finest available and have been proven by professionals in the field. From interior and exterior floors, patios and pool decks, to custom concrete countertops, we have the have the right sealer for every application. Call us today to find the right product for you!

Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing4

Decorative overlays are a terrific way to beautify and protect any new or existing concrete. Our technologically advanced overlays are formulated so that they can be applied to any concrete substrate, resulting in a much harder and stronger surface than the original. Overlays can be stamped, sprayed, or applied by trowel into an endless variety of patterns, and coloured or stained to fit any interior or exterior decor. Protect your investment and avoid the major costs of removing and disposing of unattractive damaged concrete surfaces. Simply apply one of our overlay products that will provide an attractive and long-lasting surface!

Clean and Repair Products3

Cleaning, preparation, and repair is the first and most important step in any concrete resurfacing or restoration project and is vital to ensuring a long lasting concrete surface.  Cutting corners at this stage leads to damaged concrete in the future.  From cleaning and de-greasing, patching and crack repairs, to waterproofing and densifiers, we have all the right products to ensure your concrete surface is prepared properly for a protective coating that will remain beautiful for years to come.