Concrete Stains and Colors

Colouring and staining concrete is an excellent way to transform any drab concrete surface. Our concrete stains and integral colours have been used by leading designers and professionals for years. Designed for both interior and exterior surfaces, our colouring pigments and stains can easily be blended and mixed into shades to complement the design of any floor, patio, garage, pool deck or countertop. They can also be sprayed, stenciled, mopped or sponged into any pattern desired. Call us today and transform your concrete into a stunning work of art!

Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain – Water-Based

This water based stain by Surecrete is an exciting alternative to typical reactive acid staining. There are no acids or harmful chemicals integrated in its design. Since no chemical reaction takes place, there is no extended waiting time for color to reach full development. Cement substitutes will not affect color, unlike reactive acid stains that are dependent upon alkalinity to create a chemical reaction.

Concrete Color Packs – Overlays and Casting Mixes

We offer 30 color packs for adding to the concrete mix to provide a solid even color. These color packages can be added to SureCrete’s mixes including, broom finish, thin micro toppings, Precast mix, wall mix, and stamped concrete mixes. When adding to precast products it is required you use 2 packages to obtain the color on the concrete color chart. On all overlay and wall products, just 1 package is required.