Concrete Sealers and Coatings

Left untreated, concrete is porous and very susceptible to the elements. Many beautiful concrete surfaces have been ruined due to cracking and unsightly staining simply because they were not properly sealed. Protect your investment! Our state of the art industry leading sealers are the finest available and have been proven by professionals in the field. From interior and exterior floors, patios and pool decks, to custom concrete countertops, we have the have the right sealer for every application. Call us today to find the right product for you!

Industrial Coloured Water-Based Concrete Floor Polyurethane

SureCrete’s water-based colored floor polyurethane coating is a 2 component 57% solids, acrylic polyurethane designed as a non-yellowing thin mil color coating for concrete, cement-based overlays, or as a top finish coat on epoxy systems. The high performance pigmented topcoat provides the durability in high traffic areas as a solvent base system with the ease and safety of a low VOC (73 g/L) water-based system.

Clear Water-Bases Floor Polyurethane Top-Coat

SureCrete's Dura-Kote water-based clear floor polyurethane top coat is available in either a gloss or satin finish. Formulated as a highly durable clear flooring protective coating for interior commercial or residential applications with low VOC properties.

Outdoor Clear Water Based Concrete Sealer

SureCrete's Super WB is a 30% solids, water-based, low VOC (less than 100 g/L), strong binding, clear, gloss acrylic sealer for SureCrete overlays or any cement based product. This product contains a hybrid, self-cross-linking, acrylic resin with built-in water repellency and tenacious penetration and adhesion. It contains no wax or silicone additives. The coating is chemical resistant, durable, does not blush, has long solids retention, and is easy to clean. Super WB is non-flammable and environmentally safe.

Solvent-based Clear Outdoor Concrete Sealer

SureCrete's HS 200LV is a premium exterior clear stamped concrete sealer for durable protection on driveways and pool decks as well as high traffic walkways and sidewalks. HS 200 Series is a 20% Solids silane-based acrylic sealer that is available in a low-VOC formula.